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"SO TAKE MY HAND" - Awarded first place at Millie Lewis National Talent Convention Charleston S.C. January 2004 (Copyright 2005)

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To lift the spirit and spread some love around, this song is intended for our well known reggae groups or a single.


"I LOVE YOU SO" (Copyright 2005)

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A warm and passionate love song for a great voice! Classic-Pop.

Love, why have you left me?

Love, where have you gone?

The misty sea surrounds me, the wind is growing strong.

I hear your laughter, your eyes, they sparkle so.

Your smile so warm and tender I just can't let you go.

You are my love. I cannot live without you.

Why must we be apart?

I love you so.

You are my life, my happy destiny.

Come hold my hand and say you'll never let me go.

                                                                                     Copyright 2005


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